Snap Doodle Dragon Designs

Our Creations have been designed with you in mind as you shine your light, rippling your frequency of love, joy, magic and peace everywhere

About Us

Shelly Anderson

Store Owner

This dream awakened within me in 2020, in wanting to create t-shirts that allowed souls to shine their light and ripple their frequency of love, joy and gratitude for getting to create a life they love.

 I am listening to my hearts desires and so 2022 is the year it begins for Snap Doodle Dragon Designs with t-shirts and more!

 I love connecting with nature and having outdoor experiences, especially climbing the mountains in Alaska. I love travel and exploring new magical spaces, our Creator created for us to savor. I also have a passion for numbers as a Master Quantum Numerologist when not in creation mode with Snap Doodle Dragon Designs.

I am honored to be the official Designer for Joy Kingsborough's Merchandise. My dream in wanting to create t-shirts, was first expressed to her during my MindSHIFT journey in her program. Never did I dream that day, that my dream would include getting to create for Jonah and the expansion of this conscious stream of energies messages for us humans. If you are not following Joy Kingsborough on her YouTube channel and you are one of our souls raising the vibration on this planet through your frequency of love, I highly recommend connecting in with her channeled wisdom.

I am also honored that you are here! I am grateful that you choose to amplify the frequency in the Universe with Snap Doodle Dragon Designs by shining your light so others can find their path out of the darkness.